The NSC is on the national level the principal coordinating organization of the Catholic charismatic renewal (CCR) in Malta. It was set up in 1975, formed by recognized and gifted leaders from among those participating in the charismatic renewal. Its mission is service and promotion of the CCR as expressed in its following mission statement. It seeks to foster charismatic renewal in the Roman Catholic Church on the national level. In the early 80's it established an office for carrying out the decisions of the NSC. In 1990 it published a mission statement after consulting with a wide spectrum of leaders both from the charismatic renewal and others.

In pursuing its goals and objectives as expressed in its mission statement, the NSC seeks to offer helpful service to the renewal in Malta and Gozo. It seeks to gather wisdom, insight and experience from different sources and in turn make it available to others interested. When the NSC presents teaching or pastoral advice, issues guidelines, organizes conferences and seminars or offers training, it does so as a servant offering help, not as authority expecting compliance.

In relating to the different expressions of charismatic renewal, the NSC desires to stress its commitment to this servant role. It has therefore an authority of service, a certain moral authority. The NSC does not, however, seek to impose its authority but only to offer its services. The members of the National Service Committee commit themselves and call the Catholic Charismatic Prayer Groups and Communities:-

Mission Statement

Art. 1. to know, love and serve God through a personal relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Art. 2. to participate actively in the evangelizing mission of the Catholic Church both in Malta and elsewhere.

Art. 3. to foster a personal experience of Pentecost through these basic elements of charismatic renewal:-
* committing oneself to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour;
* being baptized in the Holy Spirit;
* receiving and using charismatic gifts;
* maturing in the fruit of the Spirit;
* developing a life of holiness in a Catholic sacramental context of faith, hope and love;
* witnessing to Jesus Christ through personal testimony and works of mercy and justice.

Art. 4. to strengthen, under the guidance of the Local Ordinary, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal through networking, teaching, leadership training, and encouragement:-
* through Malta in cooperation with prayer groups and communities;
* through the world, especially in cooperation with the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Service (ICCRS).

Art. 5. to establish and maintain good relations with the Church Authorities, both at the parochial and national level.

Art. 6. to promote awareness and understanding of the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church and in other ecclesial communities.

Art. 7. to relate and work with other Catholic organizations and movements serving the mission of the Church.

Art. 8. to contribute to ecumenical activities, in conformity with the Catholic principles of Ecumenism.

Art. 9. to serve the Maltese society, by being a beacon of light, witnessing to the truths and values of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and uphold these truths and values publicly.

Art. 10. to raise the funds necessary to accomplish this mission. Objectives

Art. 11. The NSC serves the CCR on the national level as a centre of unity, communication and cooperation in order to fulfill Christ's desire: "That they may all be one" and to keep Christ's body without divisions . This unity has to be understood within the context of diversity, since inside the CCR different forms and manifestations can be, and in fact, are present.

Art. 12. The services of the NSC embrace the following:
1) the sponsoring of National Conferences and other National Seminars; these will help to bring unity and one common vision to the whole Renewal.
2) organizing Leaders' Meetings; these will contribute to common teachings and good communication and feed-back between the Service Committee Members and the Prayer Group Leaders.
3) promotion of publications, cassettes, and videos; these will advance the aspirations of the Charismatic Renewal, strengthen communications and diffuse basic Christian teachings.
4) keeping liaison between:-leaders of prayer groups and communities; the ICCRS Office and, the Church, namely the Local Ordinary, parish priests, diocesan church commissions and other movements and associations.

In all this, and in general, in all matters the NSC resolves to act with a great respect for the principle of subsidiarity.

The NSC consists of a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairpersons and 10 members. These members are men and women with recognized tasks, ministries and experience in the Catholic charismatic renewal.

The Communications Office serves the N.S.C. by providing the necessary administration to implement the decisions.

Analysis of the Workd carried out at the Office
National Conference Vision and general direction Contacting speakers, guest, etc., planning the whole logistic project National Days ex., "Jesus Rallies" General direction and planning Planning and execution
Correspondence Local and foreign Answering and filing Tigdid General direction and policy Collection and editing of articles Printing and distribution
Counselling Leaders & Contacts dealing with conflicts between leaders, service teams, etc., Finance Board
Contacts with Church authorities Contacts with foreign renewal entities such as ICCRS
Monthly Info-sheet Planning; Gathering information; Writing teaching; Group Visiting Scheduling NSC members' visits Filing reports
NSC Meetings Direction and agenda Leading Follow-up National Courses ex., KFLs General direction and planning Preparations and execution
Resource Centre Compilation of teachings Cassettes & Videos Books & Magazines Monthly Leaders' Meetings Planning and direction

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